Academic CV



Zimmerman, E., Herendeen, P.S., Lewis, G.P. and A. Bruneau (2017) “Floral evolution and phylogeny of the Dialioideae (Leguminosae), a diverse subfamily of tropical legumes.” American Journal of Botany, upcoming in July issue.

Legume Phylogeny Working Group (2017) “A new subfamily classification of the Leguminosae based on a taxonomically comprehensive phylogeny” Taxon 66(1): 44-77. <link>

Zimmerman, E., Prenner, G. and A. Bruneau (2013) “Floral ontogeny in Dialiinae (Caesalpinioideae: Cassieae), a study in organ loss and instability.” South African Journal of Botany. 89: 188-209.  <link>

Zimmerman, E., Prenner, G. and A. Bruneau (2013) “Floral morphology of Apuleia leiocarpa (Leguminosae: Dialiinae), an unusual andromonoecious legume.” Int. J. Plant Sci. 174(2): 154-160.  <link>

Boon, E*., Zimmerman, E*., St-Arnaud, M. and M. Hijri (2013) “Allelic differences within and among sister spores of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus etunicatum suggest segregation at sporulation.” PLoS ONE. 8(12): e83301. (*co-first authors, listed alphabetically)  <link>

Chevalier, E., Loubert-Hudon, A., Zimmerman, E. and D.P. Matton (2011) “Cell-cell communication and signalling pathways within the ovule: from its inception to fertilization.” New Phytologist. 192: 13-28.  <link>

Boon, E., Zimmerman, E., Lang, B.F. and M. Hijri (2010) “Intra-isolate genome variation in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi persists in the transcriptome.” Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 23: 1519-1527.  <link>

Zimmerman, E., St-Arnaud, M. and M. Hijri (2009) “Sustainable agriculture and the multigenomic model: how advances in the genetics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi will change soil management practices.” In: Plant Microorganism Interactions. Eds. Kamal Bouarab and Normand Brisson. CABI, Oxford, UK., pp. 269-287.  <link>

Zimmerman, E. and R.L. Peterson (2007) “Effect of a dark septate fungal endophyte on seed germination and protocorm development in a terrestrial orchid.” Symbiosis. 43(1): 45-52.  <link>


Academic Training & Work Experience:

2015-2016:  NSERC Visiting Fellow (post-doctoral) with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (London), studying expression of genes related to root architecture in a model legume, Lotus japonicus. (advisor: Dr. Krzysztof Szczyglowski)

2014:  Completed Ph.D. (Biology, molecular systematics), Université de Montréal. (advisor: Dr. Anne Bruneau) Thesis: “Systematics and floral evolution of the Dialiinae (Caesalpinioideae), a diverse lineage of tropical legumes.”  <link>

2013:  Botanical illustrator for Drs. Anne Bruneau & Edeline Gagnon; produced pen-and-ink illustrations for use in the published descriptions of new plant species, as well as producing the logo for the Canadian Botanical Association’s 2014 conference.

2009:  Completed M.Sc. (Biology, fungal genetics), Université de Montréal. (advisors: Drs. Marc St-Arnaud & Mohamed Hijri) Thesis: “Extent of intra-isolate genetic polymorphism in Glomus etunicatum using a molecular genetic approach.”  <link>

2008:  Editorial assistant to Dr. Mohamed Hijri; aided in the writing and preparation of grant proposals and scientific manuscripts.

2005:  Completed B.Sc. (Hons.), major in Plant Biology with a minor in Theoretical Physics, University of Guelph. (advisor: Dr. R. Larry Peterson) Thesis: “Effect of a dark septate fungal endophyte on seed germination and protocorm development in a terrestrial orchid.”